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Crisp by Neferneferuaten Crisp :iconneferneferuaten:Neferneferuaten 2 0 Flower Embroidery preview by Neferneferuaten Flower Embroidery preview :iconneferneferuaten:Neferneferuaten 3 2
Why is a Writing Desk like a Raven?
“You know how in Harry Potter book three Ron gets all worked up because Harry saw a ‘Grim,’ a big black shaggy dog, which of course turned out to be Sirius, but Ron said was a death omen?”
“Traditionally, ravens are like that in the real world.  They’re supposed to be death omens.  Because they scavenge I guess.  ‘Battlefield birds’ and all that.  When you see one, it is a memento mori.  You should automatically stop what you’re doing and contemplate mortality.  All your life, everything you do, is eventually going to come to a screeching halt in one instant of blank futility.  Any and all preparation will be meaningless.  There is nothing you can do.  Whatever you want is immaterial.  You are helpless.  ‘Quoth the raven, Nevermore.’”
“…Why do you come up with these things?  We were talking about ice cream flavors.  It wa
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Puppet Maker
Today there would be Flame and Thunder.  The Poet had said as much.  
Puppet picked up the tiny Being, barely taken shape after Flame and Thunder's first visit.  A little maple, a little ash, a patch of green, red cotton thread.  He looked at them and saw them willing to perform.  But more would be needed.  
Puppet strode to the middle of the room at sat upon the floor.  Send a thief to catch a thief; it is the same with fire.  Thunder would come later.  In perfect repose, he cast a lazy eye about his abode, following the shivering spotlight of two score burning wicks.  Candlelight was kin to Flame and would tease out the necessary ingredients...pieces...flotsam and jetsam.  Puppet grinned as the candle flames flickered and laughed about him.  He knew he was no Speaker and would ever be at a loss for words.  
Puppet followed his fire's wandering gaze.  His eye rested on a tangle of silk, but the fickle firelight left
:iconneferneferuaten:Neferneferuaten 2 2
Just Once More Around by Neferneferuaten Just Once More Around :iconneferneferuaten:Neferneferuaten 2 0 Aladdin's Lamp by Neferneferuaten Aladdin's Lamp :iconneferneferuaten:Neferneferuaten 2 0 Elephant, loaded by Neferneferuaten Elephant, loaded :iconneferneferuaten:Neferneferuaten 0 0 Yellow Submarine 2 by Neferneferuaten Yellow Submarine 2 :iconneferneferuaten:Neferneferuaten 2 0 Yellow Submarine by Neferneferuaten Yellow Submarine :iconneferneferuaten:Neferneferuaten 2 0 Hatching by Neferneferuaten Hatching :iconneferneferuaten:Neferneferuaten 4 0
Merlin, Arthur, Magic Revealed
If Arthur made the right choice in the BBC Merlin season 5 episode "The Disir:"
“Choose well, Arthur Pendragon,” the Disir said in unison.  “Choose poorly, and the future of all you hold dear will be lost.”
Merlin stood behind Arthur, who had knelt.  He had no idea how the king would respond.  When Arthur had asked him last night whether he should submit to the Old Religion and let magic back into the kingdom to save Mordred, he couldn’t bring himself to respond.  The deepest part of him of course, the part bound to the magic that had flooded his soul since the day of his birth, wanted desperately for Arthur to choose leniency.  Then, Merlin would at last be free to reveal his own powers to his friend.  But then there was that other part of him, his thinking part, that had Seen the terrible future Mordred could wreak.  That part wanted nothing more than to save Arthur from the danger that was young Sir Mordred.  Merl
:iconneferneferuaten:Neferneferuaten 1 2
In Memoriam by Neferneferuaten In Memoriam :iconneferneferuaten:Neferneferuaten 1 0
Unlikely Contests II
I: Caspian and Reepicheep vs Charybdis and Scylla
“No!” the pale Lord Rhoop shouted in anguish. “This is the island where DREAMS come true. Not…daydreams. Your worst dreams. Your worst nightmares!” The crew stared at him, aghast.
“Turn the ship!” Caspian shouted. “Turn about!”
Drinian was quick to comply, and all the other crewmen likewise leapt to their tasks in desperation.
“No!” Shouted Reepicheep. “My liege, Caspian! Surely we should face our fears, and conquer this darkness! What could send these, such valiant Narnian lords, to flight?”
“Mouse, you have never dreamed, but you should know, there are some fears no man should be asked to bear, now–” the ship lurched as a sudden violent current latched hold. Caspian caught Reepicheep as the mouse was nearly thrown overboard. “What happened?” the King shouted.
“I don’t know, my Liege!” Drinian returned. “S
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Ice and the Voiceless by Neferneferuaten Ice and the Voiceless :iconneferneferuaten:Neferneferuaten 2 0
Tyrants of the Net
It was Monday.  There was One God on High, the benign Lady of Indifference, who set the wheels of the universe in motion and instilled humanity with free will and dominion over the Earth to rise to Heaven or to fall into oblivion as we would.  The Rational Party was in power, having soundly defeated the conservative Values Party.  All the world would strive to improve society through technological advancement, the rooting out of disease, and lifting up the lower classes.  The thought of the day was “Tomorrow won’t be better unless you try today.”
It was Tuesday.  There was One God on High, the glorious Lord of Righteousness and Purity, who created the world out of the perfection of his thought, giving each human a choice to cleave to him and to righteousness or to strike out alone in uncertainty but limitless potential for renown or disgrace.  Few endured the latter option.  The Sanctus Party was in power, having hastily deposed the
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Wire Trees 7 by Neferneferuaten Wire Trees 7 :iconneferneferuaten:Neferneferuaten 3 0

Random Favourites

The Demon by Asfahani The Demon :iconasfahani:Asfahani 785 58 Duck by Nalek Duck :iconnalek:Nalek 12 5 Trolling by Oshouki Trolling :iconoshouki:Oshouki 27 50 Dr Who - Tom Baker by RichardTingley Dr Who - Tom Baker :iconrichardtingley:RichardTingley 358 113 Tom Baker by Lithrael Tom Baker :iconlithrael:Lithrael 570 81 oops~!! by kimerajam oops~!! :iconkimerajam:kimerajam 11,334 798
Turning the Tide
This was it. Today was the clincher. Today was the day sixty-five million years of nurturing Mother Earth would unravel. The truth – the impossible, fantastical, irrational truth – would be revealed, one step at a time. And it all fell on the shoulders of one man to give it to them straight. There was no way to ignore the billions of souls screaming for an explanation, a definition, a reason. At least his nut-job reputation was there to fall back on if they thought he was bluffing.
Tides. This was all his fault.
Can’t turn back the tide, in whatever sense of the word.
“It’s time, Mr. Hawkins, sir,” chirped a flustered secretary; the small swarm of make-up artists, correspondents and corporate employees around him buzzed and scattered like disturbed insects. The man nodded, collected his thoughts, and stood up. His tall frame, immaculate grey suit, and daunting, blank confidence granted him the rightful air of a trillionare bossman
:iconthedaemonic:TheDaemonic 2 5
Kijin no Hitomi by Repeated-Reflections Kijin no Hitomi :iconrepeated-reflections:Repeated-Reflections 39 12 LA Pandas by Mionechan LA Pandas :iconmionechan:Mionechan 53 15 Seljalandsfoss by kaetrouv Seljalandsfoss :iconkaetrouv:kaetrouv 11 1 Ulupna:Gunbower 1213 by Zarine-Aybara Ulupna:Gunbower 1213 :iconzarine-aybara:Zarine-Aybara 139 38 like a snake by LuciKoshkina like a snake :iconlucikoshkina:LuciKoshkina 1,838 122 Flying Spaghetti Monster Crochet Hat by rachaek Flying Spaghetti Monster Crochet Hat :iconrachaek:rachaek 904 122 The Aqueducts at Beliseare by zombat The Aqueducts at Beliseare :iconzombat:zombat 566 26 Putting the myth in mythology by secondlina Putting the myth in mythology :iconsecondlina:secondlina 181 86 Stormtrooper Latte by Coffee-Katie Stormtrooper Latte :iconcoffee-katie:Coffee-Katie 8 0


This is a second picture of the very pointy Lake Erie ice from a couple years ago. Because the shadows are pretty.
Flower Embroidery preview
I've been working on improving this shawl since Christmas, and I will soon be done. White, light pink, and gray was such an awful color palette: the flowers really help make it something's beautiful and memorable.
It should be fairly obvious to most that truly chaotic processes do occasionally form unexpected temporary "patterns." A hundred 50-50 coin flips tends to give you a "random walk" that looks a lot like stock market patterns, for instance. Entropy drives against cohesion, but it also drives against perfect distance, so you still get clumping.  And now for my amusing cases in point: I have just finished a medical clerkship in inpatient neurology. We had the Guillane-Barre week, the basilar occlusion occlusion week, and the AMS post-cardiac arrest week. Little clumps of seeming order that were really just manifest chaos. When I was on an inpatient cardiology rotation, we had the Afib with RVR week, NSTEMI week, pericarditis week, and CHF exacerbation on dialysis week. More little clumps of seeming order that were really just manifest chaos. As the icing on the cake, this past month has been identification number confusion month: two different businesses that use social security numbers to identify accounts managed to get mine mixed up. VSAS simply scrambled the number, I suspect. The hospital IT department managed to swap my SSN and phone numbers.  That particular conversation was particularly amusing...

Thank you for calling the Help Desk! Did you know...
"Hello, this is Jim."
"Hello, I am a medical student trying to login to the system, but it looks like I need a new password."
"Alright, what's your full name and your social?" I tell him. "Hm. That's not the number we have listed for that username."
"Um... I don't know what to tell you."
"Yeah, and I can't reset the password for you without the right number."
"So what do you need me to do?"
"Well, um, I don't know. I'm going to send your case to someone higher up the department, see what they can do."
"What's the phone number they should use to get back to you?" I tell him my phone number. "Hm. That's the number we have listed as your SSN."
"I was afraid you were going to say that."

Eventually, after five different calls back and forth with the Help Desk, it all worked out, but it was pretty dumb. But still, two different SSN mix-ups from two different medical groups in as many weeks, COINCIDENCE???? Yes. Absolutely. A little clump of seeming order that was really just manifest chaos.

Things like this really make you appreciate Douglas Adams' Agrajag character.
I had a dream that involved fending off the Joker with a James Bond-ray gun, by which I mean the ray gun caused James Bond to briefly appear and fight the Joker.  It was weird.
I sorted the journals: all the ones in the "Featured" folder are dream-related.  And then there's the "all journal entries" folder with everything.
Another wacko dramatic sort of dream:

There is a man, a man somewhat like James Bond, somewhat like Lawrence of Arabia ('Awrence!!!!), with the useful addition of magical healing capabilities. He is a Byronic hero: tall, dark, and handsome, also moody and untalkative. This will be his downfall. He has just completed a daring secret mission (which you are free to imagine), which entailed stealing a powerful relic that sucks up all forms of magic, including our hero's healing powers as long as it is nearby. He's a little scraped up. Upon escaping the evil former owners of this object, he nonchalantly steals a convenient motorcycle and speeds across the country with his ill-but-also-nobly-gotten gains. He arrives unexpectedly at the secret Collective of Vigilantes (magical and non-magical, fighters and scientists alike), and doesn't bother to report to anyone where he was and what he was doing and what he brought back with him. He arrogantly believes he doesn't need to, not until the Other arrives, the one to whom he will give the Magic-Eater to use for all that is Good.

He stands upon the steps to the building that houses the Collective, talking with one of the more intellectually-inclined members, when they are very rudely interrupted by someone on the street. This person is a middle-aged man with a love of Harley Davidson and a history of petty crimes, who was quite saddened by the sorry state of our hero's "borrowed" bike when he came across it, abandoned, in an alley nearby. Therefore, he rescued the poor thing, discovered the owner's contact information on vehicle, called, and learned that it had been stolen from a young man on the other side of the country who had just inherited it from his dead father; and he learned the description of the thief, and realized that he had in fact seen this very thief frequenting the unassuming building which, unbeknownst to him, was the secret headquarters of the Collective. He decided this vagabond deserved to be punished, so he called the police, of course, and it all worked out through official channels. But actually, no, he did not call the police. Instead, he has come to confront the transgressor, our Byronic hero, in person.

When faced with accusations of gross immorality with regards to stealing personal property, our hero is unimpressed. He laughs. He does not care about the accusations, because there are no consequences that he fears, and, after all, what he did was for both his own good and for the good of the world. What does it matter if some grieving no-longer-a-child a thousand miles away is slightly more bereaved? The middle-aged lover of motorcycles is not amused by this cavalier attitude. He draws a handgun and shoots the thief, striking him in the side of the neck, before leaping onto his own bike and speeding away. The intellectually-inclined vigilante conversationalist, who had been silent throughout this tense exchange except for shrieking as he was sprayed with his friend's blood, kneels down to help the fallen Byronic victim of his own hubris, who inexplicably is not healing as is his wont. Instead, he is bleeding profusely, one arm nearly paralyzed from the gunshot, the other feebly working to detach a pouch at his waist. Unfortunately for our hero, his intellectually-inclined companion does not know that the pouch contains the Magic Eater, and that all that is required is to throw the thing far away. Instead, the significantly panicked intellectually-inclined companion attempts to apply pressure to the wound while a bystander calls for help and himself searches the inside of the proffered pouch one-handedly, looking for something helpful. There is a strange, unidentifiable metal object that is not helpful (except it would have been, had it been relocated to someplace that is not here, but there is no one around who knows to do that, because no one has been told what it is). There are some other objects that are not helpful. There is also a roll of duct tape, which the intellectually-inclined but not medically-trained man uses to stick a wad of cloth over the wound. This is not helpful. Our hero dies.

Thus, my child, when you are flirting with the shadow of death, tell someone, so that they may help you when you are helpless.

The end.

I wasn't actually listening to John Lennon's "God" recently, but it seems highly appropriate.

For anyone who likes reading this sort of thing, let it be known that there is actually a mini-series of my bizarrely cinematic dream-related journals here--all the more recent ones have the word "dream" in the title.


My precious...does not know...
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Neferneferaten means "beautiful are the beauties of Aten," which I know sounds a little conceited. Let it be known, though, that I chose that name for its historical value rather than to describe myself. I wrote a paper on the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten, and I very much enjoyed his daughter's names.

I do better landscapes than anything else. I don't have the patience or the finesse to do fine detail on a complicated foreground element.
I enjoy anatomy, Medieval history, fantasy, Medieval poetry, and doing things outside.

Current Residence: where I am
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medium
Favourite genre of music: classical
Favourite style of art: I like to draw and paint, but I like looking at sculpture
Favourite cartoon character: The Professor from Futurama
Personal Quote: "It is important to cultivate a sense of whimsey"----me



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